Qixi Festival 2022 History, Meaning, History, Traditions, Celebration, Date, Food, Characters, Wishes On Chinese Valentine’s Day


According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Qixi Festival is a festival observed in Taiwan, Singapore and other Asian countries on the seventh day of the seventh month. Know the date, meaning and history of 2022.

Qixi, an annual celebration in which lovers exchange flowers, chocolates and gifts, has been called Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Qixi Festival 2022 History, Meaning, History, Traditions, Celebration, Date, Food, Characters And Wishes On Chinese Valentine’s Day

The Google Doodle honors the Qixi Festival, which takes place on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month in China.

Today’s Doodle, Thursday August 4, pays homage to the holiday known as Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Due to the fact that today is not a holiday, due to its connection with a romantic legend, the day is considered one of the most popular holidays.

The Origin of the Qixi Festival

A romantic fable about the herdsman Niulang and a fairy named Zhi Nu, who fell in love despite their differences, is tied to the celebration. The Queen Mother of Heaven took her baby girl back to heaven, separating the couple after they got married and had two children.

The Milky Way, which runs between the Earth and the sky, was first conceived by the queen’s mother as a river to separate her daughter from the herd of oxen. The Qixi Festival was created when the couple’s anguish was felt throughout the cosmos and the Queen permitted their meeting on the Magpie Bridge.

The great traditional way to celebrate the festival, accompanied by delicious local cuisine

Since the Han Dynasty, the celebration has been observed and has earned the names Double Seventh Festival, Night of the Sevens, and Magpie Festival. The Qixi Festival is a great opportunity to preserve the rituals of the past, get in touch with your cultural roots, and honor your nation’s history and heritage.

Children collect wild flowers and put them on the horns of an ox as a tribute to oxen.

One of the most cherished customs in some places is that of women cooking traditional dishes. They are also busy threading needles in the moonlight and praying to Zhi Nu for their wishes. Qiaoguo, a fried pastry made with oil, flour, sugar and honey, is one of the usual foods served for the event.

As part of some ancient practices, women spend the day creating a display of various drinks and fruits and reading poetry until the wee hours of the night. Some go to the mountains to fetch water in Hunan Province. They use this water, which they consider sacred, to wash their hair in order to receive Zhi Nu’s blessing.

Some individuals even go so far as to collect dew, which represents the couple’s tears. It is believed that drinking it will increase their intelligence.

In addition to Qixi, the Chinese also observe other romantic holidays. Like the rest of the world, they also observe the traditional Valentine’s Day on February 14 and the Lantern Festival when celebrating the New Year.

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