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Bullet For My Valentine announced they had to postpone the release of their upcoming eponymous seventh LP.

The Welsh Metal Kings claim that COVID-related manufacturing delays “mean album to be released in November 5 instead of the originally planned date of October 22 – so it’s only a two-week delay!

Important update here regarding the release of our 7e studio album, ”the group wrote in a statement. Unfortunately due to COVID related manufacturing delays, we have no choice but to postpone the release of our eponymous album until November 5.

It is important to us that you all have the opportunity to experience this album at the same time, so as disappointing as it is to have to wait a little longer, we promise you it will be worth it. We would like to thank you all for showing your support for this record so far! Stay tuned for more exciting news to come this week.

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Previously, hinting at what was to come out of the album, guitarist Padge got excited: I think that’s the fiercest side of Bullet For My Valentine I’ve ever known. It’s time for us to release a really angry, heavy and aggressive record. I can’t wait to make a face on stage!

Frontman Matt Tuck also teased, I wanted to pull out the flaming guns, fucking flying middle finger, and just go get the throat. I think it’s a much more aggressive and intense part of Bullet For My Valentine. He’s always been there. I just never opened the floodgates on it. I want to behead people in a metaphorical way.

Earlier this month, Bullet pulled Shatter off the record – listen to him below:

Posted on September 20, 2021 at 1:39 p.m.


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