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Do You Know How Your Valentine's Day Flower are Sustain so that it blossoms your day

A process to Maintain Freshness & Sustain Your Valentine's Day Flower or Bouquet

Consumers Purchase the Blossoms on Mothers and Valentines Days. Getting fresh roses to your Valentine requires speed, the right temperature, and ability. 

Guyz, it's really difficult to keep up the freshness and maintain long-lasting beauty of the flower. The Flower is the symbol of love and girls love them. but do you know how its produced and maintain so that girls feel their presence? let us give you an idea about it.

Like all perishable products, florals need specific temperatures to keep freshness. Without the appropriate temperatures, flowers blossom and disappear before they may be enjoyed by the receiver (Valentine's Love). Complicating this need for the perfect temperature, blossoms travel a significant way from field to store. 80% of all flowers sold for Valentine's Day are sent by Latin America, with 12% coming by national production and 8% arriving from other places. In 2013, 231, 466 1, 000 stem count bushels of roses have been imported in the Season. Tips: A Flower with Beautiful & lovely poems can amaze your partner.

Simply Pink valentines day 2020 flowers

From Latin America of these, most came from Colombia, followed by Ecuador, Guatemala, and Costa Rica

Logistics Process for Valentine's Day Flower

Shipping begins weeks before the vacation and the best blossoms arrive early. But how does a flower which makes the two-week travel arrive with the grandeur to light a Valentines fragrance? Shipping and Temperatures make all the difference. Let’s Take a Look in the path of a rose, by the fields of Latin America into the hands of a cherished one. At every step of the process, there is a threat that the blossoms will be exposed to warmer temperatures, so that will make them break dormancy ahead of their time.

Red Rose Floral Valentine's Day imported flowers

The ideal logistics company is instrumental in maintaining both the cost and the Temperatures under control so the roses arrive fresh and stay which way for your Valentine for several days to come. There are many things to coordinate for nowadays with high volumes on perishable goods. As an importer your biggest challenge is into receive that the Blossoms right on time, but taking the potential risk of delays into consideration. You do not want the flowers to arrive too soon, so that they get old on your storage. Depending on your distribution chain, the best case scenario is to receive the products the day or night before you deliver to the flower shops. Check our Wishes for Valentine Day 2020

Valentine Day Pink Flower Imported for 2020


And we are talking about Valentine’s Day i.e. 14th Feb & we know we are speaking about one of the busiest days in the flower industry and its related logistics departments you can't risk the flowers to be too late. So as a consequence you ship that the earlier. Splitting the shipments is needed as well, since freight space is limited in nowadays. Long term agreements with the farms you're buying your flowers are important to ensure you're receiving the quantity and even more important the quality you're searching for. In order to turn nowadays in a success a lot of strategic planning, coordination of different sectors, teamwork, and enthusiasm are needed.

Hope with the above information, at least couples will come to know how their flower is brought up with so care and endurance. Do comment your views on the above topic